Sometime it is really the astonishing moment when you get anything which is your favorite in your passionate things. I am very much passionate about pokies and love to stay in its world whenever I get any spare time or I get bored. Going through the play it really gives the feel as if I am on the track of marathon and on some task to develop the personality.

Usually I go for the play of Big 5 which is the best one for them who want to make their start with the betting world and I was lucky that I got this one from the list of the suggestions which I got after making the search through online. I made the download of the application in my phone and started the fun with it. This was released by the microgaming which is facilitated to the users with three reels and single payline.

The good thing with the single payline is that you will get the maximum chance of making the win and can grab as much as you can. The only thing which you will have to do in order of triumphing is that you will have to use the symbols and make their perfect arrangement in the active slots of the reels and then make the hitting.

When you will get the symbol the very first question which will rise in your mind is that what are 502 big blocks and the best thing is that you will get to know about this while going through the play. While going through the fun you will get the different feeling according to the stages of play. Sometimes you will feel as if you are wearing boxing gloves, sometime basketball shoes and with some binoculars playing the character of spy. Overall going through this is full package of entertainment.