Slot machines are the most playing games at online casinos. Gambling industry is very wide where anyone can play anytime and anywhere. I mostly play these events at home where I can be played in peace. There so many website available on the net who offers the best gaming deals to the gamers which you cannot find at land based places and even there you will get only limited slots. I have already played many one but some I liked very much and flos diner is one of them. Here in this article I will tell you about it and I hope this will help you in playing.

It’s a three reel and 1 payline, based on the diner theme which is designed by the microgaming company, where gambler can bet on each spin is 3 coins. The max betting range which you can bet on this is $5. But the drawback of this pokie is there are no wild symbols and special bonuses, only with some free symbols you can play in this. This is a single payline machine so you can only play with two or three coins at a time only. In order to make money you will only need to do spins the reels and match the symbols across the payline, because it’s a 1 payline so you can match only one row on the screen with the limited symbols.

The theme and the presentation of the slot machine was very good, the symbols which it uses are based on the diner, waitress and food. Graphics are really amazing when you will play you will get the feel like you are at the hotel and many waitress are serving many varieties to you. Over all it is a good time pass machine which you can play with free and real money as well.