Most casino marketers agree that harnessing the passion of your players is the best way to increase play frequency and time at the machine/table. However, they can’t agree on the best method. Imagine if you could harness the passion of your players for the games they love and reward Your Casino with high-quality Theo Players.

If you have a high-level player, it is logical to reward them with an extravagant gift or an experience that will take them away from the casino. This tactic seems rational, as it allows the host to get to know their clients better. However, the above scenario has a few problems.

1) If you remove someone from the property for an event, it takes away their time at your casino.

2) If you show them joy, they might remember it fondly and tell others about it. However, they won’t be actively involved in promoting your property.

3) Spending quality time with high-level players is essential, but remember that the ultimate goal of the casino is to generate more revenue.

What can a casino marketer do as a marketer to make sure your player development program yields a higher ROI? First, let your players bring the casino home with a targeted gift for player development. Everyone speaks about targeted gift-giving and targeted player growth, but an indeed targeted gift for player development taps into the passion of Your Player. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the thing they love most about your casino, playing their favorite casino games.

This gift is the perfect one! The Casino Game of the month Gift Club. This is the first of its kind. Most casino marketers use monthly gift clubs to give player development gifts. It’s a win-win situation for the casino as well as the player. As a reward, the player receives a personalized Home Game setup. However, the casino also gets to do something that is not possible. Sponsor your Players’ Home Game.

They will stare at your brand every week when they play Poker with their friends. It takes 4-8 impressions to change someone’s buying habits. So it is worth waiting a few months to add six players to your roster.

This is precisely what the casino industry requires during these times of growth. You can build a stronger relationship with your players by allowing them to practice with other players and cultivating their comfort zone. In addition, you can cross-promote games in your casino with higher house advantages by creating the Game of the Month club.